The Main Rules Of Building Abs In Double Quick Time

The Main Rules Of Building Abs In Double Quick Time

The main issue most men and women face in the gym is battling through the constant hype and quick fixes which dominate most gyms. Most people are fooled in to believing they can discover how to get a six pack in 3 minutes by uncovering a secret formula on the internet. While that is a nice thought, it’s merely a dream.

There are five proven rules to building a solid midsection. Until a miracle fix is developed, these are your best bet for quick results.

They are made up of:

1. The recovery time of abs is quicker than other muscles.

This means that you can train them more frequently than other muscle groups. Most people are able to train their abs two to three times per week and achieve fantastic results.

2. You don’t need thousands of reps.

There is a common misconception with abs. Many people falsely believe that they need to do thousands of reps to see results.

If you were doing any other exercise you wouldn’t aim for such a crazy amount of repetitions, so don’t make the mistake here either.

3. Use different techniques.

While most folks limit themselves to just sit ups and crunches, there are various other pieces of kit you can use in your workout to add much needed variety. Ab wheels and swiss balls, for example, will provide a good starting point.

4. Get a balanced abs workout.

In order to develop abs which run all the way down the midsection to the waistline, you will definitely need to incorporate a variety of exercises to avoid doing too much upper abs work and too little anywhere else. Many, many people fall in to this trap without realizing it.

While crunches hit the upper abs, you can add exercises such as torso twists for the obliques and leg raises for your lower abs.

The reason so many men end up seeing the vague outline of their upper abdominals but very little development further down, is because they put way too much attention on crunches and sit ups.

5. Keep it short.

Abs workout do not need to be long, drawn out affairs. They are small muscles which can be hit quite easily. By treating it as a circuit, you can add a great fat burning effect in to your abs routine and increase fat burning considerably.

Instead of banking on the development of a miracle product which can teach you how to get a six pack in 3 minutes or less, put your faith in science. The latest scientific research, which is documented in today’s five rules, will help you to get on the right track to a leaner, more powerful physique immediately.

The Main Rules Of Building Abs In Double Quick Time

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Joining A Gym In Bentonville AR

Joining A Gym In Bentonville AR

Reaching levels of health and physical fitness can be quite involved and complicated for anyone to consider. Consumers usually learn that attempting to lose weight and stay in shape is reliant on the decisions that are made daily with the foods eaten and amount of exercise that one participates in which is usually why caution is placed on making wise decisions. People focused on this particular need should know the fundamentals of joining a gym in Bentonville AR to make sure they are offered the most productive environment to work out in.

Gyms are the facilities designed to offer consumers an opportunity to work out and use the machines required to reach their fitness goals. Consumers are urged to purchase a membership at various stages of their fitness goals to ensure they are offered all they need to perform their exercises in a viable and safe manner. Selections made from available facilities are often completed with a great deal of caution.

People that are focused on this option in Bentonville AR have plenty of facilities to sort through. Many consumers are unclear about what particulars are the most prevalent to weigh in when being assured they are given access to all they need for reaching their goals. Making a wise selection is usually completed when various considerations are weighted.

Consumers are initially interested in referrals that are offered to them. Referrals provided from friends and other acquaintances are based on their experiences with their memberships which are helpful in being able to make a wise decision. Prospective members that discuss these insights with their facility of interest are offered promotional discounts in many instances.

People are also focused on making sure any discount programs through their insurance carriers or employers are carefully focused on. Discount options are made available in many cases as wellness improvements and monitoring are a major focus in allowing people to lead a healthier and more productive life. Percentage reductions offered with memberships are often significant and helpful in allowing the consumer to manage their budgets.

Consumers should also be focused on making sure they are provided with access to facilities that are convenient. Working out on a daily basis can be difficult to remain consistent with when trying to ensure that results are maximized over time when using a facility that is inconvenient to reach. Distance and operating hours should be carefully weighted when making this decision.

Training and class opportunities are an additional consideration that people are often focused on. Personal trainers are helpful in customizing work out plans that help people reach their fitness goals while classes are often fun and highly effective in maximizing results. Both options should be readily offered as part of a basic membership package.

A gym in Bentonville AR should only be considered if prices are reasonable. Membership dues that are paid on a monthly basis can become difficult to afford over time which is usually why such caution is placed on finding a great deal. The lowest prices that are combined with the most comprehensive options help consumers manage their budgets in a comprehensive manner.

Joining A Gym In Bentonville AR

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An Overview Of Jason Statham’s Workout Strategy

An Overview Of Jason Statham's Workout Strategy

While most movie star physiques are built purely with the actor’s appearance on the big screen in mind, the Jason Statham workout offers a very different take. It is based upon creating a body which not only looks strong, but actually is strong.

It achieves it’s status of being so different to ‘the norm’ by tearing up the old rule book calling for three sets of ten. Most of the exercises included are done for twenty or more repetitions and they are full body, strength based moves which are designed to condition rather than sculpt.

Exercises included in the session may be unfamiliar, as it borrows from various different styles including power lifting and crossfit, meaning gym regulars are often replaced with new and difficult variations to incorporate more explosive speed or power into the move. Functional fitness is certainly a key ingredient, with a large importance placed upon your core strength.

The workout is performed as a circuit, with three stages. They are:

Stage 1: 10 minute cardiovascular warm-up.

Stage 2: A 15 minute HIIT workout, again using cardiovascular equipment.

Stage 3: A rigorous full body routine involving a mixture of body weight, power lifting and crossfit exercises.

Phase one is used as a warm-up phase to prepare your muscles for the both the HIIT session and the body weight circuit which lie immediately after it. With that fact in mind, be sure to choose a piece of cardiovascular kit which will allow you to warm up your entire body. A rowing machine or versaclimber would be an ideal choice. The second phases switches the approach from regular, steady state exercise to interval training.

The basis of HIIT is to keep switching between a moderate intensity and a very high intensity for a short burst of time. Phase two lasts for 15 minutes using this protocol and ideally you should wait until you are fully recovered from your last burst before you attempt the next burst. That makes the moderate intensity period different for everybody, but try to aim for 2 minutes and a 30 second burst.

By the time you reach stage three you should already be feeling the effects of this workout. Phase three consists of a circuit involving body weight exercises, compound lifts and functional strength moves. You can fill this circuit with any exercises you choose, so long as you are careful to ensure it offers you a full body workout and doesn’t stick to one particular muscle group. However, if you want to workout exactly like your favorite action hero then these exercises would be the group to choose from:

Full leg raise x 20 reps – ensuring your bum comes off the floor with every rep.

Bench dips x 20 reps.

Weighted rope pull x 5 reps – attach a 20 foot weight to a rope and pull it towards you.

Climb x 5 reps – climb a 20 foot rope 5 times, beating your time on each rep if possible.

Skipping with high knees x 30 seconds

Wide-grip pull-ups x 15

Barbell deadlift x 20 reps – as heavy as possible without losing good form.

Front squat x 20 reps – using a barbell.

Incline bench press x 20 reps – on an incline bench with dumbbells or an Olympic barbell.

Power clean x 20 reps – focus on explosive power.

Kettlebell Swing x 20 reps – using a kettlebell or a weight.

The circuit is formed by choosing six exercises from the list above or entering your own preferred choices into the slots. Perform all six moves without any rest, before taking a 5 minute break at the end of a full round. Try to perform around 6 circuits in total, this should give you an overall workout time of between 60-90 minutes.

The Jason Statham workout principle is simple yet brutally effective: keep it simple and keep it high intensity. This ensures that you not only look muscular but you are actually strong, too. Furthermore, the focus on intensity will ensure maximum fat loss.

An Overview Of Jason Statham’s Workout Strategy

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Core Exercises To Lose Weight

Core Exercises To Lose Weight

Core strengthening exercises are also sometimes called abdominal-strengthening exercises. This is because when you strengthen the core stomach muscles you also strengthen the back and midriff. There are many benefits to having a strong core and one of them is that a strong core can help you lose weight.

The benefits of abdominal strengthening exercises are not just limited to helping you lose weight. They also ease the back and perhaps even get rid back pain and strain. Doing tummy strengthening exercises also keeps your organs in their rightful places and helps speed up weight loss.  They can also increase your all over flexibility as well as your ability to twist from side to side.

The stronger you abdominal muscles are the less likely you are to sustain a back strain or back injury or develop a hernia.  Although a trimmer waistline is a side effect of doing these exercises the real benefit is a stronger back. This in turn can allow you to exercise harder and longer. Of course the more you exercise the more weight that you will lose.

So just what are abdominal strengthening exercises? You might just know them as sit ups. Professional trainers also offer classes in gyms that employ the use of medicine balls or air filled exercise balls to perform abdominal strengthening exercises. You could also try taking a class like aquavit or Pilates to try and strengthen this part of the body as well.

Abdominal strengthening exercises may also be of some assistance if you suffer from back pain. Of course before embarking on any exercise program with the intention of trying to heal back pain it is important to consult with your doctor or a physical fitness expert first.

Remember not to go too far when it comes to core strengthening. Abdominal strengthening exercises can give you a washboard stomach complete with ripples but if you are not fond of this reptilian look then is sure to moderate yourself while you exercise. 

However if you are really overweight you may be a long way from looking “cut” as the result of these exercises. Instead you just might want to get to the point where your belly does not look prolapsed as the result of weight gain. This simply means that your stomach muscles start to hold your organs in place like they are supposed to so you don’t look like you have a beer belly.

Core Exercises To Lose Weight


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Weight Loss Exercise and the Elderly

Weight Loss Exercise and the Elderly

If you are older and trying to lose weight you cannot use the years that have gone by as an excuse for not exercising. Even if you are over sixty five years old and suffer from conditions that you think might prevent you from exercising you can still get fit. 

Studies show that people with diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and heart disease need to get off the couch and start moving. The weight gain caused by being sedentary can make your condition worse.

If you are not sure if exercise is safe for your health or if you are currently inactive, check with your doctor before you begin any kind of program. This should also help with any concerns you may have about whether or not it is harmful for you to exercise. 

You will also feel safer exercising if you are well prepared for it. Make sure you have had plenty of rest, that you have had enough liquid to drink and that you are well fed before expending any energy. Your clothes should fit right and be suitable for exercise and your shoes should also have good arch support so that your calves and feet do not get sore.

If you are sick or recovering or simply not been that active you should begin slowly. Start with the exercises that you are comfortable performing. Walking is the perfect activity to start with especially if you have not exercised in long time.  Starting slowly prevents you from getting sore and it also decreases your chances of overdoing it and straining yourself. It does not take much to begin an exercise program despite your age. All it literally takes is making that first step.

You need to of course check with a doctor about how much exercise you can get away with especially if you are recovering from an operation or have a chronic illness. However in general it is thought that doing some type of aerobic activity for at least half an hour every day will do wonders for keeping you fit. 

Examples of aerobic activity are walking, swimming, and bicycling. You should also do resistance, or strength training two days per week unless you are advised not to do so by a physician. This type of training will help you burn off extra calories even while your body is sitting at rest. Furthermore weight training builds stamina and strength and is not as hard on the heart as the aerobic exercises which raise the heart rate.

Weight Loss Exercise and the Elderly

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Should You Exercise Or Diet To Lose Weight?

Should You Exercise Or Diet To Lose Weight

You have probably heard people in gyms around the world asking the question is diet more important than exercise so today we are going to help you get to the bottom of this popular issue.

Depending upon who you ask and their own fitness background, it’s highly likely that you will get a different answer every time you pose this question to somebody. Ultimately, many of us base our decision purely off our own experiences and opinions. For instance, everybody has a friend who is always trying the latest celebrity diet plan. That friend will probably put huge faith in their eating plan being the most important factor because it’s what they know.

Whereas if you ask a regular fitness enthusiast they would undoubtedly sing the praises of the gym from the highest mountain top. But who is correct? Is it the gym regular or the weight loss dieting disciple?

Actually, it’s neither.

Rather than see the potential benefits of both areas, people tend to place a priority on one over the other. This ends up leading them down a path towards failure, of course. For instance, if you ever hear somebody telling another person that your diet makes up 80 percent of your results and exercise only accounts for the other twenty percent, try to avoid falling into the same mentality.

Following just one principle tends to make people fall into one of two potential categories. While everybody is different in build and stature, there are certain stereotypical features to watch out for here. The next time you are having a discussion about how to lose weight and this matter pops up, take a look at the individual in question and they will probably fit into one of two fields:

* Those who always keep up to date with the latest eating plans. They’re always looking for the next miracle food and tend to follow celebrity magazines which promote this type of mentality. However, you will notice that while these individuals know how to cut calories and drop unwanted pounds they don’t actually look any healthier than when they started because they haven’t been stimulating their muscles at all.

* The person who seems to live in the local gym. They are there every time you walk through the door and they are still there when you leave, yet they certainly don’t work there! These people are more than happy to do endless hours of cardio or throw the weights around, but the most they look into their eating habits seems to be a protein supplement when they’re finished exercising. These folks are usually equipped with fairly well defined muscles in their shoulders, arms and chest but pair it with a pot belly or undefined, flabby abdominal muscles.

If you only pay attention to one factor, or you choose to place way more importance on one over the other, then your destiny is shown in the two stereotypes revealed above. Why would you do this? As somebody trying to build a better body, it simply would not make sense.

If is comparable to a keen gamer trying to decide whether a game is more important than a console. You need both in order to get the most from either one. Rather than seeing them as competing aspects, see them as a great team because that is exactly what they are. With a few simple changes to your eating habits and a regular exercise routine you will experience far superior results.

In a recent interview, former bodybuilding champion Jay Cutler was asked the question is diet more important than exercise and his answer perfectly summed up the correct approach. Whether you are trying to discover how to lose weight or get bigger, ultimately it’s 100 percent diet and it’s 100 percent exercise.

Should You Exercise Or Diet To Lose Weight?

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Anaerobic Exercise and Weight Loss

Anaerobic Exercise and Weight Loss

Anaerobic exercise is the type of exercise that we otherwise call muscle building or weight lifting. It is the best kind of exercise to adopt in order to lose weight.

The term anaerobic means movements that are carried out “without oxygen.”  It allows muscles to bulk up and become very strong. This is due to the muscle fibers being forced to work harder because oxygen is not constantly being pumped into the lungs and fueling the activity.

This “without oxygen” term does not mean that you are not breathing when you accomplish the moves. A weight lifter still breathes when they are not in an oxygen deficit situation. When you exercise muscles aerobically you do not breathe heavily. 

Aerobic exercises include such activities as cycling, jumping rope, and swimming, spinning on a stationary cycle, rebounding and running. You may breathe heavily doing these exercises to get your heart rate up.  Lifting weight does not accelerate your pulse in the same way.

Anaerobic exercises are used during training for non-endurance sports like boxing to build muscle mass. Muscles that are trained under anaerobic conditions develop in a different way than muscles that are training for duration (such as long distance running.)

Muscle training compels the body to use processes that are not dependant on oxygen to produce energy. It just means that you are not using as much oxygen as if you were jogging or swimming. All weight lifting exercises are classified as anaerobic in nature.  Many types of anaerobic exercises associated with weightlifting. However the most common types include working with pulleys, medicine balls and slant boards.  

This is very unlike an aerobic exercise, which usually requires that the body travel unless you are using a training machine such as a stationary bicycle.  Almost all stationary exercise is anaerobic in nature.

Different types of anaerobic exercises can also be used as part of interval training. Interval training is a very efficient way to lose weight and build muscle. The combination of both exercises is effective way to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Practicing anaerobic exercises can help you build lean muscle. Lean muscle keeps on burring fat long after you stop exercising. This is why this type of oxygen free exercise is such an important part of an exercise program that has the goal of achieving weight loss.

Lean muscle mass burns the most calories of any other tissue in your body. It can help you reduce your weight at a faster rate than aerobic exercise.  The other bonus is that lean muscle tissue keeps burning muscle for hours after you stop exercising which maximizes your overall potential to lose as much weight as possible.

Anaerobic Exercise and Weight Loss


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