Reveal Your Best Body With The Right Weight Lifting Workout

Who doesn’t want to live like a rock star? You get to look great, live like a king and have beautiful women at every state. Well, the last two we can work on later but for now, let’s see what we can do about getting that gladiator physique everyone will be admiring you for. You may not be naturally built like a tank; but if you have determination and are willing to do whatever it takes – anything is possible.

We will begin with learning the science behind how to build bigger muscle. When you exercise, the heavy weights that the body lifts put tears in the muscles. Rest, especially a good night’s sleep, help restore and build up the tissue to endure the stress put upon it?hence the bigger muscles that physical training results in. Here is an effective weight lifting workout designed to help your body pack on the muscles you’ve always wanted.

Always start your training with a few minutes of warm up. If you are planning to bulk up, 10 to 30 minutes of light cardiovascular exercise will suffice. Practice warm up as a pre-exercise regimen to ensure optimal performance as it stimulates blood flow to vital organs like the blood, lungs and your muscle tissues. It also raises your body temperature, as with stretching. Stretch thoroughly between sets to prepare your muscles and ease soreness the next several days.

There are quite a few exercise equipment and drills available for your training. What is crucial is that you study and plan the factors that make up an effective workout program to fully maximize the muscle groups worked on that day. Some of these factors would be the frequency of training, reps and sets performed, and weight loads to be used.

Beginners should do around 2 to 3 sets of 12 reps of lower weight loads. The weight should be heavy enough that the target muscle will be unable to lift the weight after the 12th repetition. Experiment on what this would be for you. If your goal is to build bigger muscle, take only 60 to 90 seconds of rest in between sets.

You can check with experienced trainers and they would all agree that a two to four day split training that concentrates on specific muscles, will benefit your body the best. You can divide workouts according to your upper and lower body or between muscle groups that work together. Keep in mind that to ensure maximum productivity in your training sessions, work the bigger muscles first before proceeding to the smaller ones.

Listed below are some exercises to help you get started: Legs- squats, front squats, lunges and leg press Chest- barbell bench press, dumbbell bench press (flat, decline or incline) Back- T-bar rows, lat pull downs and deadlifts Shoulders- dumbbell rear felt flyes and military press (sitting and standing) Arms- dips, barbell curls and close-grip bench press Stomach- crunches and leg raises

Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water especially during workout sessions so that you won’t be dehydrated as you train. Always make time for cooling down and stretching after training. For unusual pain (soreness not included) in joints and muscles, consult your trainer and therapist as soon as possible. Now you have a weight lifting workout, you have no excuse not to have a great physique. Live right and enjoy!

Reveal Your Best Body With The Right Weight Lifting Workout

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