Why More Farmers Should Be Growing Organic Vegetables

Organic Vegetables

There is a global trend towards a more healthy lifestyle. This incorporates the physical activity in which people engage as well as the food that they consume.An all natural farm, is one of the best ways to ensure that you consume healthy, chemical free food. It also has its financial benefits. This is why so many people are interested in growing organic vegetables.

Planters often start with the soil when converting to organic farming and with good reason too. Much of the contamination that gets into the food is contained in the soil in which it is planted. Many farmers look to composting to reduce the need for commercial fertilizers.

Composting ensures that the land has a healthy mix of nutrients needed to sustain the plants. This process essentially involves the use of natural fermenting environments that allow biodegradable waste to break down and transform into natural fertilizer. This helps by saving farmers lots of money as it eliminates or reduces their reliance on expensive commercial fertilizers.

All farmers are concerned about the havoc that pests can wreak on their farms. This coupled with the commercialized and consumption driven global economy has given rise to the popularity of a range of commercial pest control products. Many of these commercial pesticides are, however, harmful to those who consume the food as well as those who apply the pesticides. It does not have to be this way however, as nature has provided a number of solutions to the pest control problem.

Organically grown vegetables are kept safe from pests by natural methods. One example is ashes which, when spread around the perimeter of the farmed area, can keep slugs at bay. Additionally garlic is known to repel a number of parasites and so garlic peelings can be scattered among the plants to protect them. If the garlic plant is actually included in the garden or farm, the effect is more lasting.

Money is saved by going green with pest control methods, as farmers no longer have to buy commercial fertilizers. Money is also saved in terms of health care costs since the consumption of these foods, helps to keep illnesses at bay. Additionally, farmers and farm workers risk their own health and safety when they apply chemical laden fertilizers and pesticides. When this risk is avoided the farm workers enjoy better health and costly medical bills are avoided.

Harvesting must also be done organically. This means avoiding chemical at this stage in order to ensure that the organically grown status of the crop is not compromised. If, for instance, preservation is needed, natural means of getting this done must be used. Using chemical preservatives, at this point would cancel out all the work put into cultivating the natural way.

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There is no denying the value and importance of growing organic vegetables. The time and effort that it takes to establish and maintain these practices is well rewarded in the long run. This is so not only because of the production associated costs that are avoided but also because the health and well being of consumers and farm workers are preserved.

Why More Farmers Should Be Growing Organic Vegetables


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