How To Build Muscle With Your Diet

Build Muscle With Your Diet

Build Muscle With Your Diet

If you are interested in learning how to build muscle, you will have probably already seen how difficult it is to come by real, proven information. Such is the glut of fly-by-night gimmicks in the health and fitness industry, it’s little wonder most men are totally lost…

But despite looking great on the surface, these gimmicks and next-big-thing products tend to share one nasty similarity – none have actually got you any results.

Yet, despite every product claiming to be the best thing ever developed, the fundamental rules to hypertrophy remain unchanged from 30 years ago. Applying these age old rules will yield more results than any fly-by-night product claiming instant success, and that is guaranteed.

Today we will be focusing on just one of these fundamental rules – the diet.

Too many men around the globe are trying to build a great body without paying attention to the food that they eat. You can work as hard as you want in the gym, but the battle really begins at home when you are tasked with supplying your muscles with quality nutrition.

Why does this happen?

Usually, it’s simple because the word diet conjures up images of starving yourself. After all, you didn’t ask how to lose weight, you asked how to get bigger – you asked how to get lean fast…

When you write down what you eat on a daily basis that is classed as your diet. No matter what it looks like or what your individual goals may be, you have a diet. Without a solid eating plan you will waste a significant amount of your hard toil in the gym.

You can eradicate these errors with the following steps:

1) Sort out your protein intake to allow for new muscle growth.

For every pound that your body weighs, consuming 1.5 grams of lean protein in the form of chicken, eggs, nuts, fish and whey supplements has been shown to be hugely effective in aiding muscular hypertrophy. Most men are using protein drinks but getting nowhere near enough protein overall.

2) Sort out your carbohydrate intake to promote gains in size.

Carbohydrates are the nutrient which we can play with in order to find our optimal consumption. For most guys the problem doesn’t lie in getting enough carbs, it lies in getting them from the correct sources.

Porridge, wholewheat pasta, green vegetables and brown rice are all great forms of complex carbohydrates which are packed full of nutrition.

As mentioned above, carbohydrates can be tweaked to optimize performance. Begin by eating roughly one and a half grams per pound of your weight, before either increasing your intake to boost size or lowering your intake if you add unwanted fat. This allows you to individualize your diet to suit your body.

3) Healthy fats are crucial to hypertrophy.

Your fat intake is the key to your overall success. Healthy fats have been scientifically proven to increase both hypertrophy and fat burning effects. Do not skimp on vital nutrients found in fish, vitamins and cooking oils.

Aim to eat around 0.5 grams of fat per pound of body weight.

Setting the three items above in place will immediately put you on the fast track to gains in size and strength. The research is proven and the science is out there for you to discover on your own if you want to get even more detail. Learning how to build muscle needn’t be turned into a gamble when you look to research driven studies and work with the facts.

How To Build Muscle With Your Diet

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