How To Build Muscle With High Intensity Resistance Training

Intensity Resistance Training

Intensity Resistance Training

High intensity interval training is not usually a response you would get if you asked someone for tips on how to build muscle. Yet, today you are going to find out why HIIT is one of the most effective ways to build more lean mass in considerably less time than other training protocols.

It might sound odd to use intervals as a resistance program, but it’s easily possible.

HIIT is very versatile. In the past few years it has been stereotyped as a cardiovascular workout, but in truth it can be applied to strength based training quite easily, too.

The first reports of interval training showed this. Back in the 1992 Olympic Games, sprint coaches were using high intensity routines to prepare their athletes for the events they faced. These included both weights based work and outdoor sprints.

When you think about it, any weights workout bears striking resemblances to interval training. You train, you rest, you train, you rest, and so on.

You’ll also enable yourself to achieve the thing every practitioner of intervals is looking for – EPOC. This is the feature which allows you to burn around 30% more calories for up to 10 hours after you leave the gym.

One study from Canada revealed that individuals performing this style of training used more than twice the amount of fat as those following a basic aerobic routine.

There are two problems which prevent most gym users from seeing these results.

They quite often lift loads which are too light to push their body to new results and they also rest for long durations of time between each set.

The two key aspects of high intensity exercise are that you must lower rest periods and you must workout to your absolute maximum ability, which is why those two reasons above often lead to failure.

So to incorporate this technique into resistance training, do the following…

Eliminate unnecessary rest. You shouldn’t need more than sixty seconds to recover from a set. You can do this by using the stopwatch feature on your mobile phone, rather than using it to text your friends between sets. This will massively increase your workout’s productivity, burning more fat as well.

Workouts will take on an altogether different feeling with this type of work ethic.

Thanks to scientific research, high intensity interval training has now been proven as one of the best methods for fat loss and hypertrophy. If you want to see how to build muscle with this technique, implement it in to your routine immediately.

How To Build Muscle With High Intensity Resistance Training

Muscle Building

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