A Simple Recipe On How To Make Eggs Over Easy

A Simple Recipe On How To Make Eggs Over Easy

Due to the fact that they are extremely delicious and very easy to make, eggs over are among the most popular egg dishes in the world. Most people enjoy eating this dish for breakfast or even at lunch along with a few savory additions such as sausage, bacon or even bit of bread. So, if you want to find out how to make eggs over easy fast, this recipe is definitely worth trying.

The general way to make eggs over easy is to start with some oil and a clean frying pan. The best type of oil that should be used with this recipe would be some canola oil since it would typical not add any oily taste to the meal. Some canola oil can be added to the frying pan, the oil should be enough to cover the whole pan.

Eggs over easy will generally need some medium low range of fire in order not to burn. The next step would be to crack some eggs into a bowl and to ensure that the yolks of the eggs are not broken up. After cracking the eggs into the bowl, they may then be added to the frying pan.

It is important for cooks to avoid placing too many eggs into the pan at one time or else the yolks will eventually start to break. Just place one or two into a bowl and then dump these directly into the pan. Once the eggs have been placed in the pan, simply wait for about two minutes while they cook.

The hotter the pan is, the quicker the egg will begin to solidify. Personal preference will dictate how firm the egg white and egg yolk should be. At the very least, the egg needs to be firm enough to withstand the turning over stage without falling to pieces.

The next step is the over easy part from which this style of eggs is named. The danger in this step is the possibility of breaking the yolks open. A large spatula is necessary to keep the egg stable as it is being gently turned. A gentle, quick flip is the best way to manage this step. This is the step that is most intimidating. After a few times of preparing this type of eggs, the flipping part will be mastered.

The final step, after turning the eggs, is to lower the heat if necessary. This part of the process will determine whether the eggs will have a soft, or a firm, center. Each person has a different preference. Keep a close eye on the texture of the yolk, and remove the pan from the heat when the preferred consistency is reached. Transfer the eggs to a platter and enjoy.

These are the basic steps on how to make eggs over easy, they should generally not take more than fifteen minutes of most people time. The meal can be served with some coffee or orange juice and some bread too as a simple breakfast meal.

A Simple Recipe On How To Make Eggs Over Easy


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