The Best Ten Tips For Successful Dieting

The Best Ten Tips For Successful Dieting

We all know eating less and exercising more is the key to loosing weight, however this is easier said than done. Equally dieting shouldn’t just be anguish, torment and pain otherwise you will not succeed. Here are 10 top tips to change your attitude towards food and help you loose those pounds.

Information is a priority.

Keep up to date with the latest research, read articles in magazines and find out about healthy eating. With the latest information you will be able keep on course giving you that self assured feeling to achieve your weight loss goals.

Be inspired.

At the start of your weight loss program, you have to write down why you want to lose weight. Commitment will be easier for you if you have clear goals. It should not just be about looking good. Your starting point may be to lose weight so as to improve your health. This list will motivate you if you look at it frequently.

Watch what you eat.

Keep a record of your daily consumption of food and drink. If you understand your feeding habits, you can easily trace your areas of difficulty. It is easier to make changes when you watch what you feed yourself. This will make you more conscious of your diet and help you to plan ahead of time.

Set targets that are achievable.

Looking at many studies carried out trying to loose up to 10% of your weight is a good starting point. Break this up in to more manageable chunks aiming for 2-3kg at a time. Just maintaining your weight can be an achievement in itself. However loosing moderate quantities of weight in the long term can bring health benefits. When you start your diet programme do it small manageable steps. Having practical goals which are achievable will mean you are more likely to succeed this in turn will lead to self-pride and assurance.

Eat moderately and frequently.

Eating less calories and burning more is a good way to weight loss. However, it becomes difficult to accomplish if you are always hungry. Studies have shown that people who take snacks or 5 meals everyday find it easier to effectively manage their weight. Take time to divide your food into small portions and consume them quite early in the day. It is better not to eat after dinner.

Add protein to every meal.

Diets with higher protein content can reduce overall food intake. This is because protein is more satisfying than both carbohydrate or fat. Protein makes you feel fuller sooner, so making sure you have a lean portion of chicken or fish will help with this goal. Protein also takes longer to digest and enter the blood stream so alleviates that sugar rush associated with diets high in carbohydrate.

Do distractions drive you to eat more?

Most individuals eat more food when they are distracted. Try to eat your meals at specific times each day. You will discover that you will consume fewer calories and will be more aware of what you eat. Studies have shown that eating while watching TV or when in traffic can make you consume 40% more calories.

You can enjoy you favourite foods.

Banning your favourite foods can be counter productive in the long run. Instead make sure your favourite foods are on the menu, however eat less of them and mix it up a little with other healthier options. As with everything in life enjoy it in moderation.

Exercise a little.

Increasing your physical exercise will increase your metabolic rate. You will feel full of energy sleep much better and have a better outlook on life. Joining a keep fit programme will build muscle mass and sculpt your body. Exercising within a group of people has been shown to keep you motivated.

Lastly, have some self confidence.

Don’t expect things to happen overnight changing all your ingrained habits will take some time. You may even stray from your diet plan. However don’t worry. Stay focused and remind yourself why you set the goals you did – feeling fitter and being healthier than you are now. Think positive thoughts and you will overcome those difficulties, you will win in the end.

The Best Ten Tips For Successful Dieting


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