Should You Exercise Or Diet To Lose Weight?

Should You Exercise Or Diet To Lose Weight

You have probably heard people in gyms around the world asking the question is diet more important than exercise so today we are going to help you get to the bottom of this popular issue.

Depending upon who you ask and their own fitness background, it’s highly likely that you will get a different answer every time you pose this question to somebody. Ultimately, many of us base our decision purely off our own experiences and opinions. For instance, everybody has a friend who is always trying the latest celebrity diet plan. That friend will probably put huge faith in their eating plan being the most important factor because it’s what they know.

Whereas if you ask a regular fitness enthusiast they would undoubtedly sing the praises of the gym from the highest mountain top. But who is correct? Is it the gym regular or the weight loss dieting disciple?

Actually, it’s neither.

Rather than see the potential benefits of both areas, people tend to place a priority on one over the other. This ends up leading them down a path towards failure, of course. For instance, if you ever hear somebody telling another person that your diet makes up 80 percent of your results and exercise only accounts for the other twenty percent, try to avoid falling into the same mentality.

Following just one principle tends to make people fall into one of two potential categories. While everybody is different in build and stature, there are certain stereotypical features to watch out for here. The next time you are having a discussion about how to lose weight and this matter pops up, take a look at the individual in question and they will probably fit into one of two fields:

* Those who always keep up to date with the latest eating plans. They’re always looking for the next miracle food and tend to follow celebrity magazines which promote this type of mentality. However, you will notice that while these individuals know how to cut calories and drop unwanted pounds they don’t actually look any healthier than when they started because they haven’t been stimulating their muscles at all.

* The person who seems to live in the local gym. They are there every time you walk through the door and they are still there when you leave, yet they certainly don’t work there! These people are more than happy to do endless hours of cardio or throw the weights around, but the most they look into their eating habits seems to be a protein supplement when they’re finished exercising. These folks are usually equipped with fairly well defined muscles in their shoulders, arms and chest but pair it with a pot belly or undefined, flabby abdominal muscles.

If you only pay attention to one factor, or you choose to place way more importance on one over the other, then your destiny is shown in the two stereotypes revealed above. Why would you do this? As somebody trying to build a better body, it simply would not make sense.

If is comparable to a keen gamer trying to decide whether a game is more important than a console. You need both in order to get the most from either one. Rather than seeing them as competing aspects, see them as a great team because that is exactly what they are. With a few simple changes to your eating habits and a regular exercise routine you will experience far superior results.

In a recent interview, former bodybuilding champion Jay Cutler was asked the question is diet more important than exercise and his answer perfectly summed up the correct approach. Whether you are trying to discover how to lose weight or get bigger, ultimately it’s 100 percent diet and it’s 100 percent exercise.

Should You Exercise Or Diet To Lose Weight?

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