The Scientific Approach To Building A Maintainable Six Pack

The Scientific Approach To Building A Maintainable Six Pack

Learning how to get abs can seem daunting at first. You’re either confronted by so much conflicting information that you don’t know what to believe, or you’re taught that it all comes down to genetics and it’s physically impossible for you to accomplish your goal. Most men are stressed and frustrated with their abdominal training routine but don’t know how to change it.

The massive amount of information out there leads to nothing but confusion. That’s because most of it is conflicting, causing the individual to deem things ‘too confusing’. There are many outdated beliefs still being touted online, which lead nowhere. These include but are not limited to:

* Doing 2000 crunches per day is effective.

* Abs are small so they should be trained every day.

* Using weights with your abs will make them bulky and unattractive.

These things promote poor abdominal routines which, despite the person’s determination to build a six pack, lead absolutely nowhere. Instead, you’ll often see these individuals plodding through overly long, dull routines which are based around the belief that doing 2000 sit-ups per day will get them the results they want.

The techniques above do not work.

Like other muscle groups, your abs will respond and develop further if you simply learn how to hit them effectively. You would not do 2000 reps on a bench press to develop your chest, so ditch the same approach with crunches. Instead, look to use a well balanced routine that allows you to hit each individual section of your stomach.

Try the following three-step routine:

1. 20 x Ab Crunch

2. 20 x Leg Raises with a Swiss Ball

3. 20 x Straight-Leg Crunch

To change your routine ever further to kick-start new results, try performing this routine as a circuit workout instead of a standard setup. That means going through every exercise in motion, before resting and going again. Four rounds of this will have your midsection crying out for help.

But why will this relatively short workout outperform long, 2000-rep workouts?

Well, the first reason it will improve results is the fact that it is well balanced. It will help you to target your upper, lower and oblique abdominal muscles rather than just focusing on the top portion.

Furthermore, the high intensity required during a circuit-style workout raises fat loss by up to 900%. It may feel like cardio and the burn is intense.

Like any muscle, of course, the key to a solid and progressive workout program that continues to yield positive results for you is variety. Without variety, you will adapt to even the hardest challenge over time and it will be hard to generate further results. Your body isn’t going to change if it doesn’t need to, you must force it.

Once you are able to handle more than 5 rounds of this, it’s time to change the exercises. Look to incorporate weighted moves alongside body weight exercises for maximum results. Learning how to get abs is not the ‘rocket science’ some proclaim it to be, it merely takes determination and attention to detail.

The Scientific Approach To Building A Maintainable Six Pack

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