Why Healthy Spices Are Important

Why Healthy Spices Are Important

While healthy spices add flavor and lend a delightful aroma to many culinary preparations, many of them are also abundant in health benefits. In fact, some of the most commonly consumed foods and widely cooked dishes can benefit hugely from a helping or addition of a certain condiment. Not only can the fragrance become more alluring and the taste more finger licking, but you would also probably be serving food that is helping keep a variety of diseases at bay.

One of the first in the list of such foods is cinnamon. Its rich fragrance and irresistible taste leave no room for complaint in the coffee it is added to. Used in baking cakes, it further adds to the finger licking quality of the dish. However, its use is not limited to beverages and sweetmeats only. It is used in cooking meats and vegetables as well. Rich in antioxidants, cinnamon is also known to contain healthy doses of calcium, manganese and iron. For those suffering from diabetes, cinnamon is an essential part of the diet.

Cumin is also known to lessen the levels of blood sugar in the human body. It is quite popular in cooking vegetables and forms a common part of many cuisines around the world. Rice made with cumin is a popular dish in India. The spice is known to fight stomach ulcers as well as lower inflammation related to arthritis.

Often used extensively in a lot of Indian cooking, turmeric contains certain laudable characteristics too. It is a spice rich in antioxidants and is also known to have qualities that help fight cancer. Consumed with plain milk, it is also widely known to rid the body of bacteria causing cold and cough.

One of the most popular spices worldwide is ginger. It is known to cure a sore throat and provides a great savory experience when used along with garlic to cook many vegetables and meats.

A rather well known and used herb is sage. It goes extremely well with a lot of vegetable dishes. It can also be added to Italian, European and Indian cuisines. Sprinkled lightly over cooked vegetables, it is best savored in moderate quantities. Some of the known benefits of this food include the sharpening of memory and its qualities of boosting capabilities academically.

A rich and highly appreciated item is saffron. Added to foods to enhance the richness of already exotic preparations, saffron is used widely in preparing rice, shellfish, and medicinal tea. A great remedy for curing depressing and premenstrual syndrome, saffron could also be a bit costly to the pocket.

A spice that is not exactly very popular across the world is rosemary. However, those countries and cuisines that do use it are well aware of its goodness quotient. Rosemary is known to reduce the risk of cancer. It is also known to contain a rich amount of antioxidants, necessary to pump blood into the body. It can be sued in vegetable or met preparations.

When delicious culinary delights also get packed with fitness inducing ingredients, the result can only be heartening. Healthy spices help enrich our dining experiences. However, they also take our measures of health to extraordinary heights.

Why Healthy Spices Are Important


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