How To Correct Your Deadlift Technique

How To Correct Your Deadlift Technique

Any man or woman with high hopes of building a great physique can improve their chances significantly by learning how to deadlift with perfect technique. This exercise is such a powerful move that it is one of the first exercises written into the programs of people looking to learn how to lose weight as well as those looking for strength gains.

However, it remains a very underestimated move which is often ignored or, even worse, people are advised not to perform it for fear of causing damage to their physique.

There is not a shred of evidence which states that you should not do this exercise or that it will cause physical damage.

We don’t recommend attempting this move without first properly learning how to do it, of course. There are a few golden rules to teaching perfect form on this exercise. They are documented for you just below:

* Keep your feet set underneath the bar.

* Bend your knees no more than twenty degrees.

* Lean forwards slightly like a hinge at the waist to take the bar from the floor.

* Ensure your back remains straight.

* With an overhand grip, take a shoulder-width hold of the bar.

* Drive up through your heels.

* Your hips will move back in line and you’ll end up in a straight line by the time you reach the top of the repetition.

* While at the top of the exercise, your chest should stand out and your shoulders should be pushed slightly back.

Wading into a power move like this is not advisable unless you have nailed the technique. The eight steps above will help you to do that, ensuring you progress at an accelerated rate and you remove any danger from the exercise, too.

There are several items on the list which can be a little bit more in depth to help you get the most from each point.

The first of which is the bend in your knees. Many people mistakenly sit into this exercise in the same way they would for a barbell squat. It’s not the same exercise, and doesn’t require the same bend in the knee.

Another important aspect here is to ensure that your back does not arch. Further still, experiment with your grip until you find a variation which suits you. Many people choose a double overhand grip, but success can also be achieved with a double underhand or an opposing grip with each hand. Try them all.

Another key mistake which is often made is to push through the toes instead of the heels. This would cause you to fall off balance. Keeping your center of gravity over the heels is so important, we cannot stress it enough.

Figuring out how to lose weight often leads people down a blind path of confusion, but proven techniques and exercises are beyond a shadow of a doubt the most effective ways to build a better body. Learning how to deadlift properly should be one of the first things on your agenda before you hit the gym for your next workout session.

How To Correct Your Deadlift Technique

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