The Problem With Quick Weight Loss Plans

Problem With Quick Weight Loss Plans
There are thousands of people who falsely believe that they can’t lose weight on a low calorie diet no matter what they do in the gym, leading themselves down a path of frustration and anger. In a bid to shed some pounds, most people hit a wall before they have even began.

The immediate course of action is to look at what you are doing right now and eliminate the things which are not working.

There is a major issue with all individuals who reach this sticking point. They share two things in common:

1. They usually consume a very small number of calories every day.

2. They usually perform hour after hour of aerobic activity.

Fat loss isn’t as simple as starving your body and hammering the cardiovascular exercise. If you are currently eating barely any food and working out for hours every single night then you need to change your approach as quickly as possible.

Of course, on top of the list of dieting mistakes is the fatal error of removing all your favorite junk foods from your daily eating plan. In doing this, you immediately turn your new routine into an uphill struggle against your will. In turn, individuals who do this usually follow it up with the equally devastating move of restricting their calorie intake far too much. The body reacts by forcing itself into emergency survival mode.

If you do manage to push your body into starvation mode, your metabolism will take a battering. It can slow down considerably in an attempt to stop you from burning the nutrients it needs to survive, the same nutrients you are restricting in your diet. That’s why you’ll often hear people wondering why they cannot lose any more fat despite eating only a little amount of food and working out a lot.

On top of this issue, it’s usually commonly associated with long steady state aerobic activity – which has been well documented for lean muscle breakdown. This puts you in a lose/lose situation, hanging on to excess body fat while losing lean muscle tissue!

Perhaps you have looked at these two common mistakes and seen yourself making one of them on a regular basis. If so, that is a good thing, as it allows you to see where you went wrong and correct it for the future. Instead of starving your body, aim to consume a calorie intake of roughly 12x your goal body weight in pounds.

It would also be worth taking a week to familiarize yourself with high intensity interval training, or HIIT for short, which has been scientifically accepted as a superior method for blasting adipose tissue. It also provides you with shorter, more enjoyable workout sessions.

As with most things in life, more does not necessarily mean better. By simply increasing the intensity of your workouts you will notice far superior progress, despite spending less time in the gym than you do right now. If you can’t lose weight on a low calorie diet, the first thing to do is realize the difference between low calories and starvation, a fine line which many people unknowingly cross.

The Problem With Quick Weight Loss Plans


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