How To Get Abs In Three Moves

Get Abs In Three Moves

If you spend hours scouring the web for tips on how to get abs or how to lose weight, today you are going to learn the simple strategies which most individuals in gyms around the world are totally overlooking.

Before you can accomplish that rock hard midsection, you need to establish some basic ground rules:

1. Hit all the muscles in your midsection properly.

2. Ignore those who over-train their abs, this leads nowhere.

3. Focus on tensing the muscles at the top of each rep, in the same way you would on a bench press or a shoulder press. Do not simply go through the motions.

If you can accomplish those three things then you are probably already satisfied with your results. However, most people fall at one of those hurdles. The first one in particular is a common sticking ground for many people. They subject themselves to tons of sit-ups, but very little else…

Crunches won’t hit your lower abs or your obliques. This is why even those in decent shape often only have the top two muscles clearly visible on their stomach.

If you want to get an appealing, well developed abdominal area then try today’s full workout:

1. Crunches on a swiss ball x 20

2. Leg raise x 20

3. Knee-touch-crunches x 20

You will increase the burn significantly by doing this as a circuit instead of straight working sets. So move from one exercise to the next without pausing. You can stop for 2 minutes’ rest when the round is over, i.e. when you have pushed out 60 reps.

Not only will this hit every single muscle within your abs, it will also kick-start fat burning to a whole new level due to the very high intensity of the session.

The main problem faced by a lot of men in the gym is that they simply find hitting their stomach muscles very boring. If they’re honest with themselves, they’d rather be standing in front of the mirror doing biceps curls and military presses. However, providing any muscle group with a lackluster workout will result in half baked results.

Should you train abs with weight? This is another question which is often asked by those looking to take their ab development to the next level. However, there are probably several people reading this who will have difficulty making it through today’s body weight workout, given the fact that a lot of people take it easy on their quest to learn how to get abs in the gym. However, by hitting all three key areas of your midsection with three of the biggest, most scientifically proven exercises, you can not fail but to aid your development.

How To Get Abs In Three Moves


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