Drink To Your Health

Drink To Your Health

In looking to lose weight, one of the most common approaches taken by dieters is that they look to get a head start by drinking healthily. The fact is that there are countless drinks on the market which state their claimed health benefits very loudly indeed. What you need to be careful of is products which scream about their health benefits and then fail to deliver. This, sadly, is all too common these days, and when you find that a product has been less than useful insult is added to injury by the small print telling you “results are not guaranteed”.

Of the beneficial drinks available on the market there tend to be two particular kinds which sell better than any other. The “wellness” drink, packed with vitamins and other nutrients, should allow you to get a healthy supply of important ingredients into your body and when used correctly will have real benefits. The “energy” drink is usually fizzy and packed with caffeine as well as other ingredients. These are good for short burst energy but have been questioned in terms of long-term health benefits. Drinking too many and at the wrong times can interfere with sleep and with digestion, leaving you feeling bloated, sluggish and sore.

Acai berry juice, however, can be an effective way of combining the best effects of the above drinks. The energy boost comes from the active antioxidants in the juice, while the wellness comes from a range of other ingredients including a healthy dose of fiber. Instead of gambling general health against weight loss, why not have both?

Drink To Your Health


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