Are These Vitamins Made In USA

Vitamins Made In USA

Most Americans take vitamins daily. Lately, they are more and more concern about their quality. Large portion of products today origin from China. They might be cheaper, but they are mostly of very poor quality. When you are taking something because you are concerned about your health, you want to be absolutely sure about this product’s quality. That’s why people want to buy vitamins made in USA.

China is the world’s largest producer of vitamin C. They produce maybe ninety percent of it, and it is high probability that some of that is contained in your multivitamin product. Besides, their products are very cheap, and manufacturers all over the world enjoy the opportunity for extra profit. Of course, they also produce other ingredients.

Unfortunately, in production of these components they simply don’t follow the same rules Western manufacturers do. Their products often don’t meet usual standards, or simply cannot pass usual quality control. In many of those product controls discovered different chemicals and toxins, even dangerous medications. It’s time to make people aware of these facts. You need to know the origin of your product.

Every food product should have a label. Unfortunately, even if your product is labeled as made in USA, it doesn’t mean that every single compound is made here. China produces enormous quantities of different substances, and large portion of that will end up on your pharmacies shelves.

Most products produced in China are several times cheaper than the same products made in America. Manufacturer of various multivitamins buy part of the ingredients of their products, but they usually don’t mention this fact on their labels. This means that it could be a possibility that customers buy Chinese products without being aware of it.

Another great problem is packaging. Containers are often manufactured in Asia, and they don’t meet quality standards either. Healthy product in contaminated package is something you wouldn’t want to buy. Unfortunately, you don’t really know if it is contaminated, and there are so many horrible stories about dangerous chemicals used in process of production.

It’s no wonder people became so concerned. Some of them were taking vitamins to improve their health condition, and they were actually taking dangerous drugs and other harmful ingredients. Maybe the final product was manufactured in States, but some components might be produced elsewhere. Considering the price of different Asian products, and the portion of the market they occupy, it isn’t hard to make a conclusion.

All multivitamin products should be properly labeled. The manufacturer should issue a guarantee that each and every component is made exclusively in States, including package. They aren’t obligated to do so yet. As a result, they naturally use cheaper ingredients, to increase their profit. The problem is that you are spending good money for poor quality product that can harm you.

There are some manufacturers that are still trying to use only vitamins made in USA. They guarantee origin of each and every component of their product. Of course, these products are more expensive, thanks to the fact they don’t use cheap ingredients. Check product’s label before buying.

Are These Vitamins Made In USA


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