Experience The Benefits Of Cinnamon And Honey Weight Loss

Cinnamon And Honey Weight Loss

The mixture of cinnamon and honey features a potent impact around the body. It inhibits the buildup of excess fat! Cinnamon by itself influences how your blood sugar is utilized. This will likely assist the body break down insulin in an efficient way, as opposed to storing it as unwanted fat. A few proponents of the cinnamon and honey weight loss diet regime maintain that cinnamon includes a good effect on abdominal fat.

Honey on the other hand, can be an effective antioxidant. Apart from combating free radicals, it enables vital functions within your body, such as supplying power, helping fight sore throats, aids sleeplessness and hangovers, and combats fungal infections including yeast and athlete’s foot.

When both ingredients are combined, and consumed, individuals can make the most of cinnamon and honey weight loss. To have the optimistic results of each component, make the next drink.

Ingredients required:

1. 1 cup of water, boiled

2. 1 teaspoon of honey

3. teaspoon of cinnamon powder


1. Bring water to the boil point. Then enable it to cool slightly.

2. Add honey and cinnamon. Stir it effectively.

Consume this drink a 50 percent an hour or so ahead of breakfast, and a single 50 % an hour ahead of going to bed.

Suggestions and Ideas:

1. It is much better to allow the water to cool a bit prior to incorporating the honey. This will likely preserve the nutrient worth of honey.

2. You could make this mixture, and easily store it in your refrigerator.

3. Try employing various varieties of honey, for example lavender, to alter the flavor of the drink. Modify the type of cinnamon utilized, since it may also affect the flavor.

4. By consuming this cinnamon-honey mixture 2 times a day, dieters will have a weight reduction of 3 to 5 lbs each week. No other adjustment in your diet is required.

5. The type of cinnamon utilized, will affect your final results. You will find three forms of cinnamon available: Ceylon, Cassia, and Indonesian. Cassia is promoted as cinnamon; nevertheless, it is not precisely the same.


To attain long lasting fat loss benefits, it really is imperative that you mix a healthful diet program, and bodily exercise. Physicians advocate a minimum of thirty minutes of cardie each day, to keep healthy. Make certain you consume many different food items from every single food group. This cinnamon and honey consume, is meant to become a further tool in your weight-loss routine.

Experience The Benefits Of Cinnamon And Honey Weight Loss


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