Is Cardio Better Before Weights Or Afterwards?


Should you do cardio before or after weights? This is a question on the lips of many gym members around the world who are trying to figure out how to lose weight. Yet despite the conclusive proof which is already available, it remains something which confuses most people.

Today you will discover the facts behind the answer to this question.

Conflicting information is everywhere, particularly on the gym floor. What works for one person might not work for the next person and this causes confusion. Most people falsely believe that doing aerobic activity after a training session is a superior way to increase fat loss and lean muscle growth. Today you will discover the answer based upon scientific research, rather than gym opinions.

Pre workout aerobic activity certainly sounds better when you consider hitting the gym with your legs already zapped from cardio, of course, but the latest scientific research on the subject puts a whole different spin on this topic.

During aerobic and anaerobic activity, the body is forced to make several internal changes to help you adapt to your heavy workload. One such change is the release of two very important enzymes which play a vital role in both the effectiveness of a resistance training workout and your ability to perform cardiovascular exercise. The first enzyme we will look at here is m-TOR.

You may have seen that name, m-TOR, plastered across the pages of muscle building magazines in the past. That’s because it is the enzyme your body releases in increased volume following a tough workout. It is the enzyme which is considered the ‘key’ to ‘turning on’ the post workout muscle building recovery phase. So if you are trying to build lean muscle in the gym (and who isn’t?) then it makes sense to take increased m-TOR release very, very seriously. Ideally, you want to be in a state of increased m-TOR release for as long as possible after each and every workout.

The enzyme released during cardiovascular activity, on the other hand, is known as AMPK.

Despite being perfectly natural, AMPK has one flaw – it kills off m-TOR!

So by jumping on a treadmill after your weights workout and doing half an hour of cardio exercise, you are actually causing your body to release a spike of AMPK and shut down much of the increased m-TOR you caused by working hard on the iron in the first place.

Also, a study from northern California looked into the theory that pre workout cardiovascular activity would zap strength from the muscles. What they discovered was quite shocking. Like we said earlier, theories do not always play out the way you expect them to. Subjects noticed that pre workout cardio only had a negative impact on the muscles which were used during the cardio itself, for example if the cardio was legs based then leg exercises would be impacted, but every upper body move remained just as powerful. Combine this with the fact that pre workout cardio also allows you to get the full benefits of increased m-TOR levels and you can see why pre workout cardiovascular exercise is scientifically recommended as the way to go here.

If you are searching for the best explanations on how to lose weight then it makes sense to go with the most logical scientific answers rather than buying into the wealth of gym myths which are out there. Should you do cardio before or after weights? The latest science is massively in favor of doing it before.

Is Cardio Better Before Weights Or Afterwards?


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