The Weight Loss Breeze Program – The Water Therapy

The Water Therapy

Water therapy

This is the only dietary related suggestions I’ll make in this program and the only purpose of itis to cleans the body so it’s easier to burn your body-fat faster using the oxygen exercises.

Other than this you can eat whatever you want whenever you want.But PLEASE don’t ignore this simple approach. I’ve had clients ONLY do this one part of the program and nothing else and lose ton of weight and shape up in very quick period of time. You will too.


1. As soon as you wake up in the morning – before you have breakfast or even brush your teeth – drink around 1.5 liters or pure water (similar to 5-6 glasses).

2. It’s important that you do not drink or eat anything for one hour BEFORE and AFTER you drink this 1.5 liters of water. I also recommend NOT to drink any alcohol the night before or at any time while you’re working this therapy.

This is all there is to it. Simple, right?

You can use bottle watter or filtered or boiled water if you like. If you find it hard to drink 1.5 liters at one time, start slowly with one liter and add a little every day. This will soon become a nice habit.For best results, repeat this process in the evening.

1. One hour before going to sleep, drink 1.5 liters of pure water

2. Make sure you don’t eat or drink ANYTHING one hour before drinking the water and nothing from the time you drink it till you wake up in the morning and repeat the process.

Doing the water therapy both in the morning and evening makes the cleansing process many times more effective and you’ll literally see the pounds fall off.

I recommend practicing the water therapy once or twice a day for at least a week. If you’re really motivated, repeat it till you’ve gained your desire weight (which won’t be long).

The Weight Loss Breeze Program – The Water Therapy


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Weight Loss After Pregnancy – Your baby doesn’t understand your desire to lose weight

desire to lose weight

This is one thing that you need to take in almost from the beginning…wait, didn’t I already say that for something else? Yes, I did, and you can be assured that I will be saying it again later on in the book as well for something else.

This is because there are some things that you need to look at before jumping head first into the world of weight loss.

On the subject at hand, let’s take a look at how difficult or easy it is to try and lose weight when you have the demands of small baby to contend with.

I can just hear the choruses of “Difficult!” or “Are you out of your mind!” or even “Who has the time to sit down and think about these things!” going through your mind right about now.

And that’s perfectly fine, I won’t even get offended by the “Are you out of your mind!” bit! But really speaking, I have to say that each and every one of your thoughts right now on the subject are probably to some extent true, both the good thoughts and the negative ones.
The negative ones for instance have their root in your past experience with trying to get anything done, on time, and in a sane manner.

If you’ve also only just had your baby, you might feel that it is beyond you at the moment to even think about losing weight.

That’s also fine; you picked up this book so that means that you have some interest in it, and by reading it, you will find that when the time comes when you want to lose weight, you will be ready for it.
For those of you who want to lose weight, are ready for it, but have too much on your plate right now, I urge you to read the book further, I have included as best as I can, a number of things that you can do without having to resort to a special weight loss regime.

This won’t make you lose weight at a fast or regular rate, but you will lose some weight, and best of all, you will also find that just by doing a few of these things at least, you will begin to feel better about yourself.
The main thing to remember here though, is that no matter what your ultimate outcome is, whether you decide to go on a weight loss course of action or not, your baby won’t really understand either way.
Her needs will always come first, and in this you will find that your own needs will have to take a backseat.
Sometimes it just won’t be possible for you to eat regular meals, at regular times. It will also be impossible for you to get any amount of proper sleep.

You will find that sometimes you are so swamped with looking after your baby, that you have no time or energy left over for yourself. This is a very normal occurrence, especially if you have no one else with whom you can share the responsibilities of looking after her.

Whatever the case though, you will find that no matter how good your intentions are, that you will fail. This is
alright, just don’t become discouraged.

You can’t control every aspect of your life no matter how hard you try, and this becomes especially true when you throw a small bundle of joy into the mix.

Something else that you will also want to look at is how much time and effort you can put in to your weight loss regime. I went through this in the earlier section as well so I won’t go into it here again.
Just as long as you know exactly what you’re up against, and the ways that you can get around it, you should be on your way to losing those post pregnancy pounds and inches.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy – Your baby doesn’t understand your desire to lose weight


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Weight Loss After Pregnancy – Exercise does help

Weight Loss After Pregnancy

There are any number of us who hate not only the thought of exercising but also everything that goes along withit. Or in other words, we hate exercising! This means that we will do whatever we can to get out of exercising.

This is all well and good if you like and are comfortable within your own skin, but it is a sad fact that if you want to change, want to become healthier, or want to lose weight, exercise is a must. It should be on your horizon day after day, and although this can sound like a life sentence to some of us (myself included!), if you go about it the right way, it needn’t be so bad.

The first thing that you want to do is decide how much weight you want to lose, if it’s not much, then gentle exercise will probably suit you fine coupled with a healthy diet.

If you need to lose more than a couple of pounds however, and this will be the case for most new mothers, you will find that you need to go at it slightly stronger than you normally would have.

To paraphrase a famous line, to exercise or not, that is the question. As I have stated before you don’t need to exercise to lose weight, it just helps – a lot. But first you will need to get the green light from your doctor on whether to exercise, and when is the time for you to start.

Once these things are in place you can then go about finding out what type of exercise is best for you. Do you want a gentle exercise that you can fit in and around your daily schedule, or would you prefer something that is slightly more strenuous. It all depends on you.

If you have nightmares about school and the humiliating and excruciating episodes of gym class, there is no need to worry. The one thing that is entirely optional for you is a trip to the gym.

If on the other hand you feel that going to the gym is a better option for you to help you lose weight, then by all means do so, but remember to first get your doctor’s advice on what you should and should not do.

For instance you might not want to go on the exercise bikes for some weeks or months following the birth of your baby!

These are very simple exercise which can be done at home by yourself, and some of them can even be done with the help of baby if you so wish! These are great if all you want is a simple workout that will keep you fit.

It’s also great if you have limited time to spend on your exercising, as they can be done in the comfort of your home. If on the other hand, you feel the need to get out and about you can always try something that falls in between going to the gym and staying at home.

A few ideas, include,

• Yoga

• Dance

• Pilates

• Aerobics Class

• Tai Chi

• Karate – if you want something livelier

• Jogging/ Walking with a group of friends

• Or if you wanted to you could always join an exercise group. There are plenty around that cater specifically to new mothers.

• Or if you want, you can find an exercise buddy with whom you can do your workouts. It’s always nicer if
 there is someone else around to share the joys of exercising!

These are a great place for you to start with and you will find that they also provide you with some adult company and adult conversation. This in turn can be a great bonus for you, as spending all day every day talking baby-talk is not good for you peace of mind.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy – Exercise does help


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Weight Loss After Pregnancy – A good diet is always a must

A good diet is always a must

Along with exercise, this is the single most beneficial thing that you can do to help you lose weight. Unfortunately it is also a fad word that many people toss around all too casually, and for some people it can even be a four-letter word if you get my drift.

The reason for this is because there are just too many connotations and bad memories associated with the word “diet” for many people to take to it willingly.

For me at least, the word “diet” used to conjure up such nightmares as starvation and deprivation of all the foods which I hold so dear. Luckily with a new positive outlook on losing weight, the visions associated with going on a diet were changed.

Now whenever I hear the word “diet”, I think healthy foods and nutrients all rolled into one. I think of a good meal which includes all the necessary foods, and I think of fruits for snacks instead of fizzy drinks and cookies.

That was the spiel. Now for the reality. That is most definitely what I visualize whenever I hear someone talking about a diet, but the sad truth of the matter is that I’m not a saint and therefore I fall, many a time, and painfully.

Yes, I follow my own advice and eat healthy meals, and yes, I do eat lots of fruit, in fact, I prefer fruit, over cookies and fizzy drinks when I’m hungry between meals.

But there are times when being good and proper just don’t cut it. I have to confess that I do go back to my old bad eating habits, but not for long, and only once in a while. At these times I satisfy my cravings for high-fat, highcalorie foods and damn the consequences!

This is the method that works best for me as I find that I cannot sustain a rigid imposed diet for an extended length of time. And this is what you need to do when deciding on a diet for yourself. You need to find one that works for you.

One that works with your strengths as well as your weaknesses; and one that will take into account your busy schedule, and which will be forgiving when the schedule intrudes upon it.

This might sound a like a lot to ask from a simple diet, but I prefer to think of it more along the lines of a change of lifestyle instead. Because really, this is what you need to do.

You need to change your lifestyle to suit the body that you would ideally like to have, and unfortunately for us this doesn’t include your favorite takeout or pizza every night!

In other words, you need to learn to eat in a healthy manner for just about every meal. You will also need to
reprogram your thinking to take in the fact that eating healthily, doesn’t have to be a big hassle.

It is entirely possible to eat a healthy meal without having to resort to using every single appliance in your kitchen.

I have included some easy recipes in the section funnily enough entitled “Ten Easy Recipes”!
And if you look closely enough you will find that these recipes tell a story in and of themselves. Just because you should be eating healthily, it doesn’t mean you need to pull out all the stops and weigh, measure, cut and chop your every food to a certain exact guideline.

It also doesn’t mean that you have to use only the healthiest of ingredients when you’re cooking, nor does it mean that you will have to stay away from such things as oil.

Although most fitness gurus will recommend this option to you, I believe that moderation is the key. Anything in large quantities is bad for you, and this applies to the use of cooking oil as well. Use these in moderation and along with a well balanced meal you will find that it is not so bad for you.

Use it in excess, and you will find yourself suffering for it. Or if you personally feel that some foods are just not good for you (like oil), you can make a concession to these and use healthy substitutes, or do away with them completely.

Just remember though that just as an excess of certain foods is bad for you, so is a shortage of certain foods not good for you. Moderation is most definitely the key here, and is the one thing that you should allow to dominate your thoughts when it comes to dieting.

When you begin on this lifestyle change you might find that after a time it becomes difficult to keep it up; that you can’t find new and inventive ways to cook the same old thing; that you can’t come up with new menu ideas.

Having to cope with all of that on top of having to do everything else is a surefire way to lose your interest in your diet altogether.

So before we part ways for this section, I will leave you with this little piece of advice: you don’t need to come up with a new and exciting menu everyday.

The old foods work because we like them, because they taste good, and because they do the job they were
intended to do, which is to fill us up.

Leave the new and exciting menu items for those days when you have the time to wrap your head around it, when you have the energy to do it, and when you feel in the mood to do it.

There’s nothing more dampening to a good home cooked meal than bad tempers and soggy, burned or overcooked food because you weren’t in the mood to cook.

Use the old standbys, that’s what they’re there for, just change things around here and there so you don’t get a consistent menu of the same items day in and day out.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy – A good diet is always a must

Tips, Food

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Weight Loss After Pregnancy – Five great ways to burn those inches

Weight Loss After Pregnancy

There are more than enough ways in which you can lose weight, and of these I have named five of what I consider to be the best methods to lose weight. You don’t have to do all of them, or even any of them to lose weight, but it can help you.

To that extent, I have listed below the methods which I consider to be good, and after that I have gone through each suggestion, in some detail. Just remember that these aren’t the only manner in which you can lose weight, but it can give you a good head start.

1. Breastfeeding
2. Exercise
3. Walking
4. Healthy eating habits
5. De-stressing


Not everyone knows this, but breastfeeding your baby can help you to lose weight. Although, having said that, with the positive glut of books and magazines available nowadays on pregnancy and what to do after you have your baby, I wouldn’t be surprised if more people knew about it than imagined!

That said, let me just say that breastfeeding your new baby is not an option for many women. This can either be for personal or medical reasons, but if you’re not going to be breastfeeding don’t worry about it.

If you do have the option to breastfeed your baby, then you might want to take it, as it provides an invaluable
experience for you to bond with your baby.

About breastfeeding and losing weight however, that is another matter entirely, and the reason why you are here reading this section, so let’s start at the beginning.

To begin with then, you should know that your body gains weight during the pregnancy not only to nurture your baby while he is still in your womb, but also in preparation for when your baby is born and you begin to nurse him.

This is your body’s way of storing up on energy so that when the time comes to breastfeed your baby, you have a more than ample source of energy available for you to carry out this amazing feat.

Apparently, a woman who breastfeeds her baby burns up about 500-700 calories per day. That’s a lot of calories when you come to think about it.

If however, you are looking to breastfeeding to help you lose weight, don’t. For one thing, it won’t happen
immediately, and for another thing, you will also need a healthy diet to help you lose weight. Breastfeeding alone won’t do it.

That said, it is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of your body’s natural method of dispersing of the stored fat.

Gentle Exercise

One of the best ways to get some exercise in when you don’t have the time is to do it in bouts of about five to ten minutes. This can help the new mother with no time on her hands to get the exercise she needs, without having to strain her already precious time.

This is also another good way to keep you from stressing unduly over the fact that you aren’t getting enough
exercise, because let’s face it, most of us can spare about five to ten minutes of time at odd hours during the day, whereas to give over a full thirty minutes to exercise is just asking for too much.

Just remember to take it easy the first few weeks immediately after giving birth and to ask your doctor when the best time will be for you to begin exercising in earnest.

Until that time you can always do a little bit of gentle exercising which is not really exercising, but more an
extension of the work that you normally do. And one of the best methods for this is the one which I have mentioned immediately after this, the section on “Walking”.

That said, if you really think about it you will find that just by doing some of the normal day-to-day activities, you are burning fat off your body. The thing then which comes in is to also regulate your diet.


This is more or less one of the best methods for you to use, especially in the beginning when you want to lose to weight. It’s not overly strenuous nor is it overly taxing. You can do it whenever you want, and you can take your baby along with you.

You can also probably find a group of other mom’s doing the same thing, which is a recommendation all on its own. After all, it’s not everyday that you can get a little bit of exercise, keep your little one occupied and have some adult company at the same time.

On these days you will find that you need to do something else to distract baby and get in that much needed
On the subject of walking though, let me just say a few words before we move on. I’ve covered most of what needs to be said throughout the book, but here is one more little morsel for you to chew on.

You don’t need to stick to gentle sedentary walks to help you lose weight. You can also “power walk”. In this way you can lose pounds faster, and it does become a healthier option for you to pursue.

And not to worry, power walking doesn’t entail you walking like a frenzied maniac for half mile, pushing your
baby’s stroller in front of you. Instead, one of the better methods of getting in some power walking is by taking it easy to begin with, then gearing up and giving into a burst of energy for about three to four minutes, then going back once more to your sedentary walking.

Oh yes, and make sure that if you are taking baby along with you, that you take into account the cumbersome stroller’s capabilities when you are power walking. Or, if you find that this style of walking suits you, you could invest in a jogging stroller instead.

To get any health benefits from the power walking however, you do need to do about five to eight bouts of it. Since you are taking it gently in between bouts it shouldn’t be that difficult, although to begin with you might find that you want to take it slow.

Power walking aside, there are other ways that you can utilize the effects of walking, and these include everyday things such as parking the car a fair distance away from the supermarket so that you are forced to walk there and back.

Or if you go to work, then you might want to park your car some distance away and walk into work, and other little things like that.

These don’t take all that much time and effort on your part, and you don’t have to section out large chunks of your time to do this either, since most of these activities are ones that you do on a regular basis anyway.

Healthy (and sensible) eating

I’ve covered this more or less in detail throughout the book, and also in the section marked “Dietary habits” so I won’t take up too much of your time and space here.

Suffice it to say however, that by following a good, and sensible eating regime, you will aid yourself in losing
weight. And the best part is that a sensible eating regime can become a normal part of your life, or in other words, it can become a lifestyle habit and not part of a weight loss plan.

The benefit of this being that you not only get to lose weight just by eating sensibly, but you also have a good
fighting chance at keeping it off long term. And this is where most of us fall down.

We get back into shape, losing pounds and inches off our body, then we go off our diet and fall back into a steady downward spiral of weight gain.

Obviously having worked so hard to achieve the weight loss in the first place, the last thing that you want to do is to have it all come back again.

And when that happens, it becomes more difficult to lose the weight, because hey, hadn’t you already played this particular record before? Hadn’t you already contrived and connived to lose all that weight once before?
It then becomes an uphill task to get yourself back on the weight loss track again, and this time because you re fighting it tooth and nail, you will find that your body is also fighting it tooth and nail.

So I have just one thing to say in conclusion of this section. Make your weight loss-inspired dietary changes a lifestyle habit, and not a temporary thing.

Don’t be looking forward to the day when you can stop dieting and go back to your junk food days, because I can tell you now, it’s not going to do you any good in the long run.

If junk foods and other similar foods which are “bad” for you, are your guilty little secrets, then don’t cut them out of your diet completely. This is just paving the way for craving induced disaster.

Build these into your regular diet so that you’re not deprived of them, and so that you get these “treats” once in a while, just enough to keep to you happy and diet on track.

Lose the stress – take a nap

That’s right, lose the stress. The best thing that you can do for yourself would be to shake off whatever stress
you’re having as this is detrimental to your health. And at the same time, remember to take a nap once in a while.

Besides working miracles on a tired mind and body, a ten to fifteen minute catnap will do wonders for any
problems that seem overwhelming.

Get your priorities straight. If you’re fighting a losing battle with stress and sleep, but you’re forcing yourself to stay awake because the house needs to be cleaned up, then make a decision.

Stay awake, get progressively short-tempered and stressed and have a clean house; or take a nap, feel positively refreshed and bursting with life, and be able to clean house later when you have nothing more important to do.

It’s a choice ladies, that I’m afraid you will most likely have to face. The best choice of course would be to take a nap and get to the house cleaning later, but old habits die hard and you might find yourself unable to sleep surrounded by all that clutter.

In which case, my best advice would be to go to a room which is relatively uncluttered, have a good nap, and come back refreshed to tackle the house and whatever else life throws at you with a newer outlook and a spring in your step. So, basically, lose the stress – take a nap. The title of this section says it all.

Dietary habits

This is the part I think where most of us fail. Somewhere, somehow it has been pounded into our minds that to diet means to starve ourselves of the good things in life.

It takes time and effort to change this thought process around, and to replace it with the realities of a good, healthy diet.

So here are the main facts about dieting which you should know about, You don’t need to starve yourself in order to diet and lose weight; in fact this is probably the very last thing that you should be doing.

You don’t need to deny yourself of your favorite foods; on the contrary a treat now and then of your most guiltridden food can be quite an incentive to keep at it.

Going along with the no-starvation theme, you might want to look at eating meals more frequently. This means that you will need to eat small meals at more frequent intervals.

Junk food is not considered a food group. It is neither a major food group nor is it a minor food group. Junk foods are what are known as “empty calories”. They fill you up without doing any perceivable good for you, and in fact, they can do great damage to you.

Eating right doesn’t mean eating only one type of food. The food pyramid exists for a reason – to show you the path to eating properly balanced meals.

The ideas I have given below are just that, ideas. They are meant neither as rock solid instructions nor are they the be-all and end-all of a person’s diet.

Proper care should always be taken when going on a diet, and consulting with your doctor on what type of diet suits you best, will be to your advantage.

It is also true that you will be able to better formulate a diet that will help you to lose weight in a manner in which your body can safely handle it.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy – Five great ways to burn those inches


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Weight Loss After Pregnancy – Ten easy recipes

Ten easy recipes

Just to show you how easy it can be to eat healthily, even when you have the fulltime task of looking after your baby, I have listed below a few recipes (ten to be exact), which you can easily make.

In the least amount of time you will find that you can create a tasty meal, which is also healthy for you. Alright, so it won’t be cordon bleu, but then again, who can stretch to looking after a baby full-time as well as cooking cordon bleu!

1 Stir Fried Chicken

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
What you will need: 1 large boneless, skinless Chicken Breast
                              1 bunch Asparagus
                              1 medium Onion, sliced
                              2 tbsp Soy Sauce
                              3 cloves Garlic, minced
                              1 tbsp fresh Ginger, minced
                              1 tbsp Rice Vinegar
                              1 tbsp Oil
                              Salt and Pepper to taste

Preparation: Wash and cube the chicken breast into bite sized pieces. Cut the Asparagus into 1 inch long           pieces, discarding the very end of the stalk.

Take a large skillet and heat the oil. Add the onions and stir fry them. Add the asparagus soon   after adding the onions, and stir fry both over a medium heat for about 3-4 minutes.

Add the chicken, ginger and the garlic and stir fry for a further 3-4 minutes.

Next add the vinegar, soy sauce and salt and pepper to taste, and stir fry for another 2-3 minutes, or until the asparagus is cooked.

You can serve this with a bowl of wild rice or couscous.

2 Baked Chicken

Preparation Time:    10 minutes preparation time + 90 minutes cooking time
What you will need: 6 Chicken Legs, cut in two
                              1 cup stoned Black Olives
                              1 cup Cherry Tomatoes, halved
                              20-24 cloves Garlic, keep the skin
                              Olive Oil
                              Salt and Pepper
                              Fresh Basil, chopped (the dried stuff works just fine)
Preparation: Preheat the oven to 350oF. Marinate the chicken with salt and pepper to taste, and place in a    roasting tin.

Make sure to keep the chicken pieces all on a single layer. Pack in tightly but don’t overlap if you can help it.

Spread out over the top of the tightly packed chicken, the olives, cherry tomatoes, garlic cloves and a handful of fresh basil leaves, chopped.

Drizzle some of the olive oil over the top and place in the oven to bake. You can safely leave this dish to slow cook for about 90 minutes.

Serve hot, with a rice dish, pasta, or even with boiled new potatoes and greens.

3 Parmesan Chicken

Preparation Time:    15 minutes preparation time + 60 minutes cooking time
What you will need: 6 boneless Chicken Breasts

                               1 cup Breadcrumbs
                               1 cup grated Parmesan Cheese
                               ½ cup melted Butter
                               1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
                               1 clove Garlic, minced
                               2 tbsp freshly chopped Parsley, (dried will also do)
                               Salt and Pepper to taste
Preparation:  First preheat your oven to 350oF. Wash the chicken breasts and leave them to dry while you  are preparing the other ingredients.

Next combine the melted butter, Worcestershire sauce and the garlic in one bowl.
Take another bowl and combine the breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, chopped parsley, and salt and pepper.

Then, dip each chicken breast first into the butter-Worcestershire mix, then into the breadcrumb- Parmesan mix.

Place each piece of chicken in a baking pan, single-layered. Place in the oven and bake for about 60 minutes, or until the chicken is fully cooked.

4 Baked Fish

Preparation Time:      10 minutes preparation time + 20 minutes cooking time
What you will need:   1 lb Fish Filets of your choice
                                 cup Breadcrumbs
                                 cup Cheddar Cheese, grated
                                 1 tbsp Butter
                                 tsp fresh Basil, chopped (dried works fine)
                                 tsp freshly grated Nutmeg, (dried as well)
                                 A squeeze of fresh Lemon Juice
                                 Salt and Pepper to taste
Preparation:  Preheat your oven to 450oF. Next, combine in a bowl the cheddar cheese, breadcrumbs, chopped basil, grated nutmeg, and salt and pepper.

Take a baking dish and use the butter to grease the bottom and sides of the dish. Line half of the cheese-breadcrumb mixture along the bottom of the dish.

Next, place the fish fillets over the cheese-breadcrumb mixture. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice over the fish fillets, and then cover with the remainder of the cheese-breadcrumb mixture.

Place in the oven and bake for about 15-20 minutes until the fish is cooked through.

The time taken for this will vary depending on the thickness of the fish. When the fish is fully cooked, it should flake very easily.

This tastes good on its own, or with a bed of baby spinach leaf salad. It also goes well with rice, or alternately with a few steamed greens and potatoes.

5 Quick Salmon Bake

Tuna steaks also work very well with this recipe.

Preparation time:      10 minutes preparation time + 20 minutes cooking time
What you will need:  4 steaks of Salmon
                               2 Onions, sliced
                               4 cloves of Garlic, crushed
                               1 Lime
                               Salt and Pepper to taste
                               Aluminum foil
Preparation:  Preheat the oven to 250oF. Wash the salmon steaks and set aside to dry while you are getting theother ingredients ready.

Take a piece of foil for each salmon steak, about three times the width of the steak. Lay one steak per each foil sheet about roughly in the middle.

Divide the onions and the garlic between the four steaks, and season with salt and pepper.

Fold the foil over the salmon, bringing the edges together in the middle to create a small rolled up handle. The salmon should now lie comfortably in a foil pocket.

Place these foil pockets in the oven for about 15-20 minutes, depending on the thickness of the salmon.

Remove from the oven when the salmon is fully cooked, being careful to avoid the steam trapped within the foil pocket.

You can serve this garnished with either lemon or lime, over a bed of wild rice, couscous, or ideally with risotto.

6 Creamy Spinach Fettuccine

Preparation Time:      15-20 minutes
What you will Need: 1 lb Fettuccine
                                1 lb fresh Spinach, (frozen can also be used)
                                4 cloves of Garlic, sautéed
                                ½ cup of half-and-half

                                ¼ cup Parmesan Cheese, grated
                                ¼ cup fresh Basil
                                 1 tbsp Olive Oil
                                 Salt & Pepper to taste
Preparation: Prepare the fettuccine according to the instructions on the package. While the fettuccine is cooking you can prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Place the remaining ingredients in a food processor, and chop coarsely to create a creamy sauce.

When the fettuccine is cooked, you can toss the creamy spinach sauce with the fettuccine to obtain a delicious dish.

Season with salt and pepper, pine nuts and some chopped basil if you like before serving. This is a meal on its own, or served with some crusty French bread, or even Bruschetta.

7 Quick Stir-Fry Couscous

Preparation Time:    10 minutes preparation time + 10 minutes cooking time.
What you will need: 1 lb Couscous
                               ½ cup Mushrooms, quartered
                               ¼ cup Bell Peppers, diced
                               ¼ cup Broad beans, chopped
                               ¼ cup Ham, diced
                               ¼ cup Bacon, coarsely chopped
                                1 large Onion finely chopped
                                Salt to taste
                                1 tbsp Oil
Preparation: Cook the Couscous according to the packet instructions while you are preparing the rest of your ingredients.

Take a large skillet and heat the oil, add the onions and lightly sauté until a light brown color.

Add the ham and the bacon and stir fry for about 3-4 minutes. Next add the bell peppers, mushrooms, and beans. Stir fry for a further 3-4 minutes.

When this is done, add the cooked couscous to the mixture, a little at a time so that it will mix in well with the couscous.
Serve with a side of grilled prawns, or any other grilled meat for a tasty treat.

8 Black Bean Chili
This is one of those dishes that you can leave on the stove and forget about until the time is right for you to serve the meal. It takes about 3 hours to slow cook, and about 10 minutes to prepare.

Preparation Time:    10 minutes preparation time + 3 hours cooking time
What you will need: 2 cans Black Beans, not drained
                               1 large Onion, diced
                               6 Cloves Garlic, minced (or 2 tbsp of bottled garlic)
                               4 Roma Tomatoes, diced (these taste better)
                               1 small can Tomato paste
                               1 tbsp Cumin
                                Salt to taste
Preparation:  Prepare your ingredients and place everything into a crock pot over a medium-low fire. When theingredients begin to boil, you can then reduce the heat to low.

Leave the chili to simmer on low heat for about 3 hours. Serve hot over a bed of steamed rice, or with a side of mash potatoes, or even a loaf of crusty bread. It’s as easy as that!

9 Cheesy Bean dish

Preparation Time: 30 minutes
What you will need: 1 tbsp Oil
                               1 large Onion, chopped
                               2 Celery stalks
                               2 cups/ 1 can Lentils
                               2 cups/ 1 can Kidney beans
                               2 large Tomatoes, diced
                               2 tsp dried Rosemary
                               Salt and Pepper to taste
Preparation: Take a large skillet and heat the oil, add the onions and cook until they are soft. This should takeabout 3-4 minutes.

Add the remaining ingredients except the cheese. Cook until the beans become soft, about 15-20 minutes.

Sprinkle the cheese over the top, and heat only until the cheese melts.

10 Easy Pizza

When all is said and done, sometimes you still don’t have the time or the inclination to do anything other than
order a pizza. A great healthy alternative however, is to create your own pizza (more or less).

All you need is a pre-made pizza base, and fresh, healthy toppings of your choice. Below is the recipe just in case you change your mind and leave off dialing the takeaway number you know by heart!

Preparation time:      10 minutes preparation time + 15 minutes cooking time (about the same time it takes to get your pizza delivered!)
What you will need: 1 store-bought Pizza base
                               1 can of finely chopped Tomatoes
                              ¼ cup Mozzarella cheese
                              ¼ cup combined of two additional cheeses
                               Toppings of your choice such, as pepperoni, ham, vegetables etc.
Preparation: Preheat your 350oF. Place the pizza base to cook in the oven for about 10 minutes, or according to package instructions.

Prepare the rest of your ingredients while the base is initially cooking. When the base is a light golden brown, take it of the oven.

You will first need to evenly spread the tomato sauce over the base. Then spread the grated mozzarella, as well as the cheeses, over the sauce.

Next you can add the toppings of your choice and place the pizza in the oven for a further 10-15 minutes or until the cheese has begun to melt.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy – Ten easy recipes


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Weight Loss After Pregnancy – A few easy exercises

Weight Loss After Pregnancy
The one thing that you need to remember when exercising or dieting, or when you are considering any type of  weight loss scheme, is to first consult with your doctor about the pros and cons of it.

This is especially important as you have (maybe) only just had your baby, and you will need to rest your body.

Although these days, extended bed rest is not advocated, it is nevertheless the height of folly to go and get on abike two days or even a week after giving birth.

The same thought process applies to taking long tiring extended walks, jogging, swimming strenuously, and
anything that will set you back from a full recovery from the birthing process.

There will be some easy exercises which you can do however, to help you keep yourself in shape. It can also help you to not to become too mired in the various daily needs and duties, which can all too easily overcome you and take you away from your own needs.

The best recourse before beginning though is most definitely to talk things over with your doctor. You will be able to find more information about it in an earlier section entitled “Talk with your doctor”.

On the other hand, even if you are a few months away from already having given birth to your baby, you might feel that you have no need to consult with your doctor. This is the wrong way to think.

If you are going to start an exercise regime, or even embark on a daily round of gentle exercises, you should still ideally consult with your doctor. Although the same reasons do not apply to you as to a mother who has only just given birth, you too need to be careful.

One thing to remember though, is that not everyone likes exercise, and not everyone can keep it sustained for any appreciable length of time.

If this is the case with you, and you find that you are one of those people who truly hate to take the time out of your day and exercise, there is one little thing that you should keep in mind. You are already working out every day, most of the time.

How does this work? Well, let’s take the everyday occurrence you have now, of looking after your baby. Unless you have a nanny or someone to help you, most of the time you will be looking after your baby on your own.

This means that you will be progressively lifting a heavy weight, for the foreseeable future, or until the little tyke learns how to walk.

Think about it ladies, that’s at least nine months if not twelve, where you will be doing weight training, because naturally enough, the times you spend carrying your baby won’t all be idle ones.

You will more than likely find yourself juggling a number of things, from cooking to cleaning to shopping. All of these things will come in handy in your desire to lose weight.

Then there’s the little fact of cleaning house, and generally looking after things. You might go to work, but isn’t it true that you also do some of the housework when you get home? Think of that as another method for you to lose some weight.

And if you’re a mother who goes to work, not to worry, there are still ways in which you can exercise without even realizing it, such as walking to work, or maybe even walking during your lunch hour maybe to get to your favorite restaurant.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy – A few easy exercises


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